About us

Yucaipa California Carpet Care has been distinguishing itself from our competitors for years, offering reliable, affordable services throughout the  Colton  area and working to keep our clientele loyal and satisfied. We have always provided much more then just routine carpet cleaning services. We’re also offering window cleaning, tile cleaning and fabric & upholstery cleaning services.

Our technicians are trained and skilled at stain and odor removal and will surprise you by how beautiful and pristine your home will look when they leave. We plan to be an active and vibrant member of the community for years to come and looking forward to working with you and your neighbors in the near future.

Our specialist carpet cleaning equipment allows the cleaning process to take effect deep down into your carpet fibres, releasing hidden dirt and stubborn stains. We can tackle pet stains, ground in mud and even red wine stains, as well as those grubby patches around doors and furniture. A really deep clean helps to keep stale, unpleasant smells at bay.

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We’re happy to clean your carpets on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, but we can also clean after a busy party when you’re likely to see dirt and spills that are hard to lift with shop-bought products. Our equipment is tough enough to handle the mess you’ll see after construction or redecorating work, and we can extend our cleaning services to your furniture too.